Videos & Films on Restorative Practices in Schools

The following is a list of links to videos and films on restorative practices in schools. They cover What It’s About, Circles, and Conferencing as they are used in schools to build community and repair harm and include brief descriptions of video content. And, at the bottom is the RJ Colorado award-winning film Chasing Smoke. Thanks to Nancy Riestenberg from the Minnesota Department of Education for putting together much of this list. This list of resources is intended for informational purposes, and the Minnesota Department of Education and Restorative Solutions do not endorse any of the programs, services, or training featured in any of the videos.

Introduction to Restorative Practices in Schools

Making Things Right – Restorative Justice for School Communities

We produced this video a while back (2000), but it is still a well-done, professionally filmed introductory video on restorative practices in schools (filmed in Colorado & Minnesota). The video highlights different program models, including conferencing, circles, and a student-run program. This, too, is an excellent video for showing staff an overview of what restorative practices are all about. Originally produced by the Colorado School Mediation Project, which has evolved into Restorative Solutions!

The "Why," "How," and "What" of Restorative Practices

In this video, the administration and school staff talk about what restorative practices are, why we use restorative practices, and what they look like implemented holistically in a school. (Elementary Schools)

Restorative Justice in Schools – Restorative Resources

An excellent introductory video on restorative practices in schools (based in Sonoma County California) using current statistics on suspensions, interviews with school staff, students, parents, community volunteers, and a school resource officer. Excellent for showing staff an overview of what restorative practices are all about. (Secondary Schools)

A Restorative Approach to Discipline

From the Office of Social & Emotional Learning at Chicago Public Schools comes this short but powerful overview video of restorative practices in schools. It shows how hard CPS is trying to create a culture of belonging and enforce discipline in a whole new way. (Secondary Schools)

Whole-School Implementation

Restorative Justice and School Culture – The Curley School

Co-principal and teachers from Curley K-8 School in Boston, MA, discuss the process – challenges and successes – of the whole-school implementation of restorative practices and the power of restorative practices to transform school culture. (Retrieved from Institute for Restorative Initiatives)

Whole-School Implementation

Every Opportunity

The Atlanta Speech School released a video called Every Opportunity, and the story it depicts elicited a strong reaction from teachers and parents. It follows a little boy throughout his day at school and shows how the adults he encounters, from bus drivers to teachers, interact with him. It focuses on the ways adults can affect a child's education through interactions with them. Although the response is varied, there's no denying the power of its message.


Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice – Webinars

The Zehr Institute hosts restorative justice-based webinars, which are free to the public and cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to restorative justice in schools, RJ in the community, and RJ and the criminal justice system.

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