Samples and Examples of Restorative Practices in Schools

We've collected some excellent examples of how restorative practices can be integrated into your school's vision and policies.
Send us yours to be included so that others can be inspired by what you've put together.

Vision for School Culture (Prospect Hill Academy)

"Prospect Hill Academy Charter School will employ restorative approaches for building positive school culture by facilitating the development of positive and meaningful relationships among students and adults in its school community, by creating safe spaces in the school environment for the exploration of identity and culture, and by employing culturally responsive, student-centered learning and teaching practices that frame school discipline and academic failure as opportunities for deep academic and social-emotional learning for students."

Model Policy on Restorative Justice Practices

"School districts all over the country are currently implementing a variety of school-wide preventive and positive approaches to discipline. This section describes one of the most successful and widely used approaches, Restorative Justice Practices. These model policies provide guidance for achieving a positive school climate that meets all of the characteristics described in Section 3.1 Key Elements of School Climate and Positive Discipline." (From the Model School Code on Education and Dignity, Dignity in Schools Campaign)

Sample Model Discipline Code for Handbook

"Our school incorporates restorative practices into our Discipline Code and Student Code of Conduct as the primary process by which we respond to misbehavior and conflict and use suspensions and administrative hearings as the secondary process. At times, we use a combination of a restorative intervention and suspension in order to address the underlying cause of the misbehavior or conflict and provide accountability for all those involved."

Restorative Practices Program Coordinator Job Description

There are many ways an RP Coordinator can operate within schools–strictly doing interventions, holding proactive Circles and teaching classes, or acting as an instructional coach who knows how to weave in RP and create a restorative classroom. This job description is an example of how a non-profit uses one to work within schools. Denver Public Schools also has a wonderful performance evaluation structure for their RP Coordinator positions. Let us know if you'd like to see it.
Are there other examples you'd like to see? Let us know!

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