Restorative justice is not just some pipe dream placebo–it’s a time and money saver and stats don’t lie: recidivism drops significantly when restorative justice processes are employed.

-District Attorney Stanley Garnett (Boulder, CO)

This is the opening quote from a great article in the Huffington Post entitled, about “The Political Rise of Restorative Justice”. Worth a read on what’s happening in our country. The authors end with this statement:

“If political will is any indicator of a significant change in course as it concerns our approach to justice, then the United States is amidst one of the most significant transformations that could keep us from collectively sailing off the edge of the earth. The tide of justice being called for is one of accountability, data that cannot be denied, and a hope for the future of this country as it steers away from its global reputation as the incarceration nation.”

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